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Lois is an outstanding learning facilitator and it was a very learner centered session.

Don Bennett, VP
MOR Manufacturing

ROI Case Studies from Lean & Flow Seminars

Business type: Annuity Investment Firm

Event Before After % Improved
Days for receipt of transfer dollars 22.78 days 19.1 days 16%
Average PR per file 2.7 1.5 50%
Days to complete all PR per file 66.1 days 16.3 days 75%
New Business Time telephone contacts per call average 3.8 
Total call time per person 24 hours 17 hours 28%
Number of mailings 6 (avg.) 4 (avg.) 33%
New Application Entry per person 46 71 65%
Dollar saved in mailing $1300      

Focused on reducing the average length of time it takes to clear the entire file. Time begins when an application is submitted by the Agent through the final documentation and post review. This chart demonstrates the length of time it takes to complete the required details (by law) after the file is put into force. If a file had four missing customer-response items, it previously took 117 days to complete the file (average) and with the improvements the new average is down to 65.3 days.

This is a 46% reduction in Pending Requirement processing time.



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