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“As a teacher, Lois is quite effective, she is well versed in all areas of the subject and able to engage all participants in the learning process...”

Steve Brewster, 
Kimball international

About ROI | Rapid Operational Improvement

We provide coaching, support for change, and educational training on the tools of process improvement and Lean to all subject-matter experts to create true flow. Our goal is to improve the work place environment, processes and systems, and to positively affect the bottom line of your Company.


The primary mission of Rapid Operational Improvement is to transfer the Lean philosophy and knowledge to your people, helping them to support the discovery and implementation of solutions for your complex business problems, and effectively respond to your business needs and goals, The net result is a positive effect on the bottom line of your Company.  We teach the tools and techniques of Kaizen and support Teams in Kaizen Events.

We use process improvement and Lean training to develop the understanding of the changes needed.  We help you to appropriately challenge the current methods, processes and beliefs, and to facilitate your improvements. 

Our services are a true Return On Your Investment.


ROI Values

We Value People:
We value each person for his or her individual contributions to the organization. We recognize the need to listen, and understand their opinions, viewpoints, and commitment to the improvement of the company. We value the past, and recognize that each person contributed to the successes found in the past. We also understand that Business is about making money - Rapid Operational Improvement gives you a true Return on your Investment!!


Lean & process improvement Education:

We provide education and training to executives, managers and all levels of staff on Lean tools and how to creating flow in your processes, change management and measurements. We teach individuals the correct tools and skills to identify, quantify and initiate change efforts. We help to provide a safe environment for trial and error by integrating new concepts with known successes, in an effort to continually improve your organization.


Growth Consulting

We help individuals, and teams:
By supporting the understanding to work and lead in a team-based culture. Enabling the members to improve processes by accepting the responsibility that comes with being empowered.  Helping individuals to build a more dynamic organization, breaking down departmental barriers, increase participation at all levels of the organization.

About Lois Quinn | Lean Expert / Specialist

Lois Quinn is a management consultant that specializes in helping organizations define improvements in processes, and to implement these. Her work has included work with governmental agencies, higher education, financial lending and investment firms, manufacturing and medical institutions along with others. She has helped organizations' engage people in improving work and customer service by promoting a positive change and transferring these skills, to the team and leadership, for future improvements. Lois's 17 years experience also includes coaching and consulting experience, including facilitating culture change and change management, process improvement, team effectiveness, leadership development, strategic planning, Lean implementation, 3P, and improving customer satisfaction. She has coached, management and led improvement and Kaizen teams for 17 years. 

Lois has instructed higher education courses on management and Lean, was past chair and board member of the Washington State Quality Award as well as a state award examiner. She has presented at numerous state and national conferences to include the 1st International Quality Conference in Washington DC and has written numerous articles and courses relating to process improvement, including using the Lean tools to create true flow, and management in the workplace.

Lois has a business degree (Eastern Washington University) and has earned her Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership (Gonzaga University) and is a Certified Trainer (Washington State University).



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